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A wedding performed at All Souls Church is a service of Christian Worship. It is to acknowledge God as a partner in married life and to prepare the couple for blessedness of a shared life. All weddings performed at All Souls Church have the blessings of this church.

We look forward to sharing with you in this important service of worship and pray it will be one of the most meaningful experiences of your Christian discipleship.

All Souls Church is available to members and guests for weddings and receptions. A wedding is considered a member wedding if either the bride or groom or parents or grandparents of the bride or groom are members of All Souls Church.

There is no fee for use of Facilities for Member weddings. All other fees do apply.

Members of All Souls Church are given priority over Non-Active Members and Guests in selecting dates and times.


  • Smoking is absolutely prohibited in any church building.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed outside of the kitchen or the fellowship hall.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted on church property at any time.

Contact the Minister for his counseling and scheduling suggestions. He will in turn, give you the name and number of the wedding coordinator.

Contact the wedding coordinator and have a tentative date put on the church calendar. Fill out a wedding request form and return it to the coordinator. If scheduling a guest wedding, a deposit of $250 is required.

Once final approval is made for the date and facilities, all fees are due. A wedding can only be scheduled as a tentative wedding until all financial arrangements have been completed. All checks are to be payable to All Souls Church.

Weddings may be scheduled at the church any time services or special events are not scheduled, except:

Weddings may not normally be scheduled on holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, or significant secular holidays, or the evenings before the holidays. Should special circumstances be involved, the Minister will have the final decision.

Evening weddings may not be scheduled later than 7:00 p.m.

Only informal weddings will be permitted on Sunday.

The person(s) making arrangements for the use of the church property is responsible to All Souls Church for any damage to the church property which may occur in connection with the wedding, rehearsal or reception, including, but not limited to, damage which may be caused by a florist, caterer, or any other persons engaged for the event party. This person must also sign and return an Insurance Waiver form.

There will be a refundable deposit for all Guest weddings conducted at All Souls Church. The deposit will be in check form and for the sum of $250.00 and will be credited toward the amount due in total wedding fees.

In the event of cancellation, the deposit is refundable, less one hundred dollars ($100), if the service is cancelled more than sixty days prior to the wedding date. The deposit is not refundable for cancellations that occur less than sixty days prior to the wedding date. A request for deposit refund should be made in writing to the Minister or wedding coordinator.

**The Minister will be the final authority of the execution of the wedding policy of All Souls Church.

The services of our wedding coordinator are required for all weddings. The wedding coordinator will assist the Minister and the wedding party at the rehearsal and will direct the seating of the guests and entrance of the wedding party during the wedding ceremony. The wedding coordinator will provide early access to the church building for the wedding personnel and remain until the ceremony and pictures are completed. The wedding coordinator will remove the furniture from the pulpit area, set up extra folding chairs if needed and return the pulpit furniture and see that the sanctuary is vacuumed and prepared for church use after the ceremony. The wedding coordinator is able to operate the sound and lights, will assist in placing microphones and lights in proper places, will be able to answer questions about the physical facilities available at the church and will be responsible for the heating and cooling systems.

The Minister will meet with the couple for a minimum of three sessions for premarital counseling, not including planning the service.

It is the responsibility of the couple to schedule these sessions with the Minister. We encourage the couple to have this time with the Minister early on as they are considering plans and arrangements for the wedding.

The Minister will meet with the couple to plan all parts of the wedding service. Consultation with the wedding coordinator is also an important part of service planning.

Weddings having music and processional will have a rehearsal on a day and time to be arranged with the Minister.

The Marriage License should be given to the Minister at the rehearsal.

The rehearsal is usually scheduled on the day preceding the wedding, at the discretion of the Minister.

The wedding party is welcome to engage the services of a photographer and/or videographer for the service and reception. Flash photography is appropriate prior to and including the bridal processional and then again for the recessional. Photography and videography during the service should be limited to available light and conducted in such a way as not to be a distraction from significance of the occasion.

If you would like to use the service of the All Souls Church organist, you may contact him directly or via the wedding coordinator to make scheduling and fee arrangements. The wedding party may choose to use an outside musician to play the organ or piano. Other instruments are welcomed.

All Souls Church provides a professional quality sound
System for vocalists who require a microphone and/or for the use of recorded music in the service. Arrangements for use of the sound system need to be made well in advance of the wedding day. All Souls Church provides an operator if the sound system is to be used in the service. Musical selections should be approved by the pastor when the service is planned.

The Ladies Parlor is available for a dressing room for the Bridal Party. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the parlor. The use of a steam machine is also prohibited in this room. It is the responsibility of the Bridal Party to leave this room in perfect order and original condition. The Grooms Party may dress or meet in the Library.

Since a wedding is a religious ceremony, simple decorations are recommended. Gluing or tacking of decorations to pews, furnishings or walls of the church are not permitted.

Candles must be dripless and the carpet and furniture should be adequately protected. Candles may be used only in the chancel area. The person(s) responsible for making the wedding arrangements will be responsible for having all decorations removed immediately after the completion of the service.

Receptions may be held in the Fellowship Hall which will accommodate a maximum of 200 guests. The church offers no catering services or equipment.

No reception which starts later than 7:30 p.m. may be scheduled on a Saturday. The building must be cleaned and vacated by 9:30 p.m. or three (3) hours after the service, whichever is earlier.

In a Guest wedding, the person(s) responsible for the Wedding shall be responsible for engaging a caterer and arranging for any linens, silver, serving pieces and dishes. This person is also responsible for set up and take down of equipment.

Only birdseed or potpourri may be thrown outside the building as the bridal couple leaves.

Member weddings may use the dishes, silverware and other items belonging to the church for receptions in the Fellowship Hall.

Our cleaning service is required for guest receptions. The cleaning personnel will arrive prior to the start of the reception and remain until the reception is concluded. Additionally, the cleaning personnel will oversee the caterers in their work and clean up of the facilities used. The cleaning personnel will restore the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall to original condition of order to be ready for Sunday morning services.

For member weddings, it is the responsibility of the wedding family to ensure that the sanctuary is vacuumed and prepared for services immediately after the ceremony. If the Fellowship Hall is used for the reception, the wedding family will ensure that cleaning personnel arrive after the reception, wash all church dishes and other items that were used, put up the tables and chairs and do the cleaning necessary for the kitchen and Fellowship Hall to be ready for Sunday morning.

From Interstate 440
Take the England/Scott – Highway 165 Exit
Travel five miles East on Highway 165
Turn left (north) on Walkers Corner Road
You will see All Souls Church on the left
Parking is in front or rear of building.

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